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The Indiana Department of Natural Resources-Fire Headquarters supports wildfire suppression on multiple fronts including:

  • Support rural and volunteer fire departments with assistance for wildfire suppression.
  • Training, certification and dispatch of resources for in-state prescribed fire, wildfire suppression, and national mobility. Training opportunities will be posted on this site.

Fire Management Grants for Fire Departments
Volunteer Fire Assistance (formerly Rural Community Fire Assistance)
  • Federal Grant Program
  • 50% Match
  • Maximum Award $5,000
  • Can be used to purchase fire prevention/education materials, training equipment and supplies, water handling equipment, organization (new departments only), communications equipment, dry hydrants, class "A" foam technology and safety gear (PASS alarms, SCBAs, turn-out gear)
Federal Excess Property Program (FEPP)
  • Surplus federal equipment is assigned to Rural VFDs with Cooperative Agreement
  • Title of equipment remains with GSA
  • Can include trucks, generators, other large equipment
Hand tool Program
  • State Program with Cooperative Agreement
  • Supplies cooperating and rural volunteer fire departments with cache of wildfire hand tools, when available.
Title Coordinator Phone Email Download Hyperlink
State Fire Coordinator Darren Bridges 765-792-4654 [email protected]
Assistant State Fire Coordinator Mark Huter 765-792-4654 [email protected]
FireFighter Damon McGuckin 765-792-4654 [email protected]
VFA Grant Coordinator Laura Morse 765-792-4654 [email protected]
Excess Property Coordinator Lonnie Kern 765-792-4647 [email protected]
Map From Bloomington Lonnie Kern 765-792-4647 [email protected] Map From Bloomington
Map From Martinsville Lonnie Kern 765-792-4647 [email protected] Map From Martinsville
Map To Fire HQ Lonnie Kern 765-792-4647 [email protected] MM FHQ 2019.pdf PDF Map
Indiana Fire Law History in_fire_law.pdf
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Steve Creech State Fire Coordinator, Retired
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